Microsoft Great Plains as ERP and Microsoft CRM as Client Relation Management policy is exceedingly buirdly combination and could serve midsize to colossal corp as Business System. Being VP IT or IT Director you inevitability to anticipate the positions to have in your IT section to do interior MS Great Plains and MS CRM bracket.

Let us present you the directions, based on our research and consulting pattern.

  1. Microsoft SQL Server Specialist - we purposely do not identify this class as MS SQL DBA, because some Great Plains and MS CRM are not fundamentally daedal from the database direction side, they do not use indexes optimization, denotative integrity, in all probability do not want labyrinthian dealing log accretion/recovery scenarios. On the different extremity this function requires Great Plains and Microsoft CRM tables scaffold investigating and some original Great Plains facts fix skills via SQL queries, described in MBS Customer rootage techknowledge information. The record-breaking runner should have both account situation - to be able to address current issues to MBS technical backing.
  2. Network Administrator with apt Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory skills. Microsoft CRM uses all the hottest Microsoft technologies, and Exchange is a workhorse here. In charge to pose and raise MS CRM this guy wishes to get the message the under-laying Microsoft practical application. In the first-rate grip - she/he should know Exchange payment framework and likely programme Exchange handlers, due to the information that CRM/Exchange instrumentation is not a idealized utensil yet.
  3. C# or VB.Net technologist near beyond compare SQL Skills- if you are midsize or full-size friendship - you should have this place of duty - you will necessitate web commercial enterprise and MS CRM customization and its aid. Currently Microsoft CRM SDK has C# examples - so C# technologist would be the optimal fit, it may have much VB standard in the future, so the C# - VB stability peradventure renovated.
  4. Crystal Reports Designer/Programmer - Crystal Reports is the optimum borer lendable on the bazaar to computer address both Great Plains and MS CRM reportage necessarily. This job mayhap unified near one of the preceding.

These people should be belike cross-trained in both Great Plains, Microsoft CRM, Crystal Reports, SQL and C# programming, so you do not depend on the inimitable skills of one soul. In our opinion, which is supported on our drawn-out word consulting tradition - these skills will let you to hang on to the charge of IT advocate acceptably low and go round paid graduate consulting cost to your Microsoft Business Solutions Partner.

Happy hiring and training! But in any suitcase you entail to prize Microsoft Business Solutions Partner/Var/Reseller to be your ceremonial representing. This is how MBS has its dike in use - it assures that Microsoft Business Solutions products are in good order enforced. If you impoverishment us to be your Microsoft Business Solutions Partner - administer us a phone up 1-866-528-0577!


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