What happens when a Contractor performs work or delivers goods for a Customer, and the Customer doesn't pay? If he is smart, the Contractor files a Mechanic's Lien resistant the Customer. A Mechanic's Lien is a jural ritual wherein a Contractor or Sub-Contractor can spot a security interest on a property owner's authentic estate when that possessor has messed up to pay for work or products. That security interest prevents the homeowner from mercantilism or transferring the place unless and until the lien is thrilled. The security interest is filed in the Court of Common Pleas of the part in which the non-paying belongings owner's geographic area is set.

In demand to report a Mechanic's Lien, the Contractor essential set off all of the following:

(1) the status of the contract;

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(2) the amount declared to be due and owing;

(3) the pet name of all parties caught up in the deed/transaction;

(4) the mean solar day of the violation of the agreement; and

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(5) the place site where the drudgery was completed. In directive for a contractor to record a security interest in Pennsylvania, he essential do so inside six

(6) months of the time that the pursue was realized or the product was delivered.

It is momentous to cognise that a Sub-Contractor can report a Mechanic's Lien in opposition a homeowner as in good health. This is a bit of a not like playscript because it is as usual the Contractor who is responsible for paying the Sub-Contractor. In a conditions wherever the Sub-Contractor is payable money, he can wallet a lien hostile the owner. If a Sub-Contractor wishes to folder a Mechanic's Lien, he essential preliminary confer the assets proprietor thirty (30) years starchy notice, in writing, of his concentrated to do so. That notice essential illustrate that he performed hard work on the called property, but that he hasn't been remunerative for his work. The homeowner later essential pay the Sub-Contractor for his services, and try to re-coup the monies from the inspired Contractor.

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